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Electronic readers
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Electronic readers allow a high simplicity and rapidity of reading for electronic ear tags. They participate to an automation of animals’ traceability.

ARDES has conceived several years ago a RFID electronic ear tags’ range. But an electronic ear tag without an efficacy reading system is nothing.


In collaboration with our partner laboratory specialized in electronic measures, the ‘’RFT Lab ®”, ARDES has tested dozen of reading systems and has chosen our partner GALLAGHER. Readers manufactured by this company offers the best performances with ARDES ear tags:

-Reading distance


-Robustness and ergonomic.

An immediate identification system


GALLAGHER electronic readers were conceived to suit to cattle, sheep, goat and swine breeders. They are available in two models: portable or fix. The Radio Frequency Electronic Identification (RFID) allows to bring the animal identification number out, implementing solutions in the field : herd management software, milking parlor assistance, automatic weighing system, animals sorting automation, automatic animals count, automatic feed distribution…

gallagher porable

Our advantages


ISO 11784/11785 standards approved, portable and fix electronic readers offer an optimum reading distance with a high reliability of its performances.

A reading distance higher than standards in the market


Thanks to different size of portable electronic readings antennas, the ear tags detection is made in an efficacy and adapted way. Installed in an appropriate location, fix electronic readers allow a ‘’hand-free’’ reading of electronic ear tags. Also, thanks to the ‘’auto-tuning’’ system, it’s not required for readers to adjust antenna in case of frequencies waves changes in a specific environment. Otherwise, the products robustness, higher than the competition, allows to prevent any damage, and their ergonomic handle makes its holding easier.

Ease of use


ARDES guarantee through its readers’ range a high reading performance. During the identification, different alerts signs (sound, vibratory, vocal) can be produced to transfer you relevant information. Finally, through different proceeds (USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth), information transmission from a reader can be made easily to computers, other readers and information processing systems.

An extended range attentive to needs.


To make sure to propose to breeders and vets outperformed performance products, ARDES advices you to use GALLAGHER electronic readers.

GALLAGHER electronic readers captured our attention thanks to a scrupulously adapted range allowing you to use robust products. In addition, the high technology of this complete range allows to breeders and vets to implement a rigorous management of information.

GALLAGHER range of products is proposed in order to give you the opportunity to have an extraordinary experience. First rate product quality-price ratio, accompanied of an irreproachable after sell service, GALLAGHER readers will know how to attract your attention. Security and ergonomic are two aspects felt during the product utilization.

Portable electronic readers require a proximity with the ear tag in order to read, register and transfer the number.

Smart Reader HR3 by GALLAGHER owns a hand-protection ergonomically conceived to reduce injury risks. As comfortable as easy to use, it sends vibratory alerts to indicate the well process of the reading. This reader matches to all data captures devices, and it is proposed optionally with a Bluetooth communication.

gallagher porable

Smart Reader Series BR by GALLAGHER, ISO standards approved, has an intern memory capable of register 20 000 labels. It is guaranteed two years and doesn’t require any antenna adjustment.

Identification with fix electronic readers is made when the animal is at proximity of the antenna’s reader. Fix readers can be installed in a stunning box, in a corridor, in a parlor, in an automate, on a slaughter line.

Comparative table of performances between portable electronic readers and fix.

Portable electronic reader Fix electronic reader
reading distance *** ****
Internal storage capacity ** ****
Product functionalities **** **
Precision *** **
Auto-tuning ** ****

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