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Small electronic ear tag

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Size: Ø 25 mm
ISO 11784 – ISO 11785
ICAR approved: ICAR approved
Material: premium polyurethane
Technology FDX technology
Animals: sheep, goat, swine
Assembling: only with ARDES male ear tags
Tagging: With all applicators from the market

Choice of livestock

  • Goat
  • Sheep
  • Swine

Illustration of the size

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The ARDES small electronic ear tag meets breeders’ needs, assuring an electronic identification: reliable and efficient with an important reading distance.

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Our advantages


The ARDES small electronic ear tag, as all ARDES electronic ear tags is compatible with all ISO standard readers and guarantees an important reading distance.

Moreover, the electronic identification allows to bring the animal identification number out, implementing solutions in the field : herd management software milking parlor assistance, automatic weighing system, animals sorting automation, automatic animals count, automatic feed distribution…

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