ARDES > 150ml Drencher’s vat

150ml Drencher’s vat

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Use: Compatible with 150ml ARDES’ drencher
Graduation: Graved into the mass with black pigment
Resistance: All known pharmaceutical products
Dismantled: For an easy maintenance
Length: 7.4cm x 7.1cm

Choice of livestock

  • Cattle

Illustration of the size

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ARDES proposes vats for 150ml drenchers. Entirely removable, vat’s shift is easy.

          picto made-in-francepicto breakproof

ARDES guarantees through its vats, a robustness for an intensive utilisation. ARDES’ vats are warranted break proof thanks to their body in polypropylene, a material which mechanical and chemical resistance are higher than standards.

Automatic Drencher

Furthermore, they were conceived to facilitate readability during the injection. This, thanks to a off-white pigment marking printed in the mass. Thus, graduation in ARDES’ vats is indelible.

Injection Accessories

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