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Female extra large ear tag

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Size: 75mm x 100 mm (non tamperproof) – 75mm x 100 mm (tamperproof)
Material: premium polyurethane (TPU)
Available in 6 Colors:
Blank or printed: numbering, logo, bar-codes, text, picture…
Tamperproof or non-tamperproof: Available closed or open heads
Animals: Cattle
Assembling: Only with ARDES male ear tags
Tagging: Possiblity with all applicators from the market

Choice of livestock

Illustration of the size

  • Cattle

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The ARDES extra-large female ear tag, made in France, meets breeders’ needs, assuring a reliable and efficient animal identification.


Our advantages

The ARDES female extra-large ear tag, as all ARDES visual ear tags, guarantees a record retention rate thanks to its innovative clip, with a high resistance to the breaking. This ear tag resists to future proofs: readable marking in the long term; and answers to the animal health demands: fast healing, avoiding infections.


          picto 99 retentionpicto traduction uv-resistantpicto made-in-france


Four visual ear tags marking solutions are available with ARDES: the marking pen, the laser, the ink or the hot-stamping. These solutions insure an important freedom concerning the choice of the marking according to needs: number, logo, bare-codes, breed name, picture in colour, text…

Testimonial 1

“I use ARDES ear tags since 7 years and I made savings; they last a long time on my cows. The tagging is easy and fast thanks to the metal applicator. “
Mr Martin 2015-03-31

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