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ARDES’ O-rings for syringes

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Dismantled: Substituable
Adjustable: Ø 1.4 cm, Ø2 cm, Ø2.5 cm, Ø3 cm
Silicone: Silicone

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ARDES’ O-rings for drenchers, made in France, allow an absolute reliability of injections. ARDES proposes different O-rings, compatible for each drencher from 10cc to 50cc.

          picto hight-performancepicto breakproof

Our advantages


The high quality ARDES silicone O-ring, ensures a precise and leak-free dosage.

In addition to being non-stick and hydrophobic, it suits to feeds standards exigencies.

Moreover, ARDES has developed personalized O-ring, and proposes you a unique design adapted to medications’ administration.


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