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The 20ml automatic drencher

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Use: suppressor solutions, digestive system treatments, feed solutions
Breeds: sheep and goat
Application: oral
Graduation: Engraved into the mass
Resistance: to all known pharmaceutical products
Adjustable: Thanks to a wheel
Nozzle: 130mm in length
Olive: placed at the end of the nozzle to avoid graze risk
Dismantled: Easy disassembly and maintenance

Choice of livestock

Illustration of the size

  • Cattle
  • Goat
  • Sheep

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The new 20ml ARDES automatic drencher, made in France, was conceived to suit to sheep and goat breeders’ needs. Developed to allow you an incredible time saving and cost reduction.

picto made-in-francepicto breakproof

Emphasis was put on:

The ergonomic

Through two operations made by only one hand, the fluid injection and the animal marking are made simultaneity.
The flexible plastic grip brings an outperformed comfort during the use.

The marking

A location was created in the bottom part of the drencher to mark the animal with a simple movement from the wrist. It is also possible to adjust the marking pen by screwing or unscrewing.

The Security

Finally, ARDES has created upstream, a custody. It allows, first, to avoid the locking of the cannula in the animal’s mouth, and to prevent any risk of regurgitation; but also to protect the user.

The reliability and precision

The adjustment of the injected dose is easy, thanks to an adjustable wheel.

The number indication allows to adjust quickly the dose and to have an immediate readability.

The aspiro-injection ensures an injection without leak.

The maintaining

ARDES has positioned all the aspiro-injeciton system in one part, located on the back of the drencher. This dispositive allows to manage the fluid circulation.

In case of hole clogging, the user has to dismantle the back part.

He can also order a new one to his habitual provider.

Then, ARDES propose you a robust product through its plastic materials, appreciated in the aeronautical industry for their resistance. Furthermore, many fixation points are placed in the drencher and permit to maintain the solidity of the product.

Our instructions

In order to have an optimum utilisation and to preserve the animal health ARDES advices you 2 best practices :


(in each utilisation)



(after each cleaning)


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