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The 150ml adjustable drencher

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Use: suppressor solutions, digestive system treatments, feed solutions
Breeds: sheep, goat, swine
Application: oral
Graduation: Indelible relief on all sides of the tank
Resistance: to all known pharmaceutical products
Adjustable: from the handle rotation
Nozzle: 130mm in length
Olive: placed at the end of the nozzle to avoid graze risk
Dismantled: Easy disassembly and maintenance

Choice of livestock

  • Cattle
  • Swine

Illustration of the size

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The ARDES 150ml adjustable drencher, made in France, meets breeders and veterinarians needs and requirements.

          picto made-in-francepicto breakproof

For an outperformed lifespan and reliability

The 150ml adjustable drencher’s resistance insures an intense and durable use.

Moreover, it guarantees a precise and full dosing.

150ml Drencher’s vat

Our instructions


In order to have an optimum use and to extend 150ml your drencher’s life, ARDES advices you 2 best practices

Download PDF « best practices »

Link accessory and injection material page


(in each utilisation)


(after each cleaning)

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