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Automatic Drencher Return policy
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Automatic Drencher Return policy

1/ Claim from customer


To activate your drencher warranty, please make sure purchase date is less than a year old and warranty exclusions have been respected.

If product is defective, customer must fill the warranty card with following info:


1/ Serial Number
2/ Name & address of customer
3/ Dealer from who product has been bought


Drencher must be shipped by customer at his own expenses to distributor address including following documentations:


1/ Detailed description of the issue
2/ Invoice showing purchase date
3/ Warranty card


Customer will have possibility to ask for reimbursement of shipment expenses only if:


  • Warranty exclusions have been respected
  • Manufacturing default has been discovered during inspection

2/ Distributor actions


Distributor must fill in the warranty card purchase date from the invoice received as well as date of claim. Drencher will be disassembled for examination and decision taken by distributor.


2 cases:


  • Drencher has not been used in good conditions and warranty will be rejected.
  • Distributor requests to ARDES shipment of the affected spare parts on the following email address: Then, drencher will be fixed and ship back to the address of customer.

Warranty exclusions


  • Any claim more than a year old from purchasing date will not be accepted.
  • One warranty card for several drenchers is not accepted à one card by product.
  • Unusual conditions of use: faults resulting from a failure to respect manufacturer’s instructions, glass breakage or damage due to improper handling and/or cleaning and/or type of liquid used (Viscosity).
  • Disrespect of the return policy procedure

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