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Marking solutions
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ARDES proposes four marking solutions for visual ear tags :

ARDES provides expertise and advices to assist in choosing the more adapted marking solution according to needs. What is your main criteria?

Mark by yourself with ARDES marking pen

ARDES marking pen gives a freedom of choice to mark visual ear tags once in the field, near animals. Two types of tip are available (beveled and round) allowing a large or precise writing according to needs. This option is the most economical because visual ear tags are bought blank. It offers a high contrast thanks to a black ink studied and tested to interpenetrate in the plastic material, and to insure a durable numbers readability.


Durable readability with a laser marking

Barcodes, numbering, name of breeding, logo and high definition picture had a high precision and clearness. The marking is permanently readable because the laser marks deep in the identification ear tag’s plastic material. The laser beam creates a reaction with an additive in the ear tags composition that allows this black pigmentation in the ear tag. Abrasion resistance researches in laboratory estimates a clear readability of the marking at least 8 years in the animal’s ear.

For more information about the printer device, contact us.

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Optimum contrast with an ink marking

Series of animals numbers, name of the breeding farm but also barcodes can be printed thanks to the ink. The ink allows a high contrast that optimizes the distance readability of identification numbers. Also, the ink is studied to resist to UV and extreme climatic conditions. The ink-jet printer allows marking significant series of identification ear tags.

For more information on the printer disposition, contact us.


Logo in color with hot-stamping marking

Marking high quality logos or multi-colors pictures on identification ear tags is possible with the hot stamping. This way of marking is adapted for advertising utilization of ear tags: breeding logo, business card, awards for competition animals. The stamps mark ear tags with different possibilities of pigmentations.


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