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Customization: Syringes and Drenchers
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Automatic drencher

It’s possible to study and adapt our drencher to products’ viscosity. After an analysis of the fluid we propose a valve bloc that ensures an optimised transmission of the liquid.

We can also customize our drencher:

-Logo impression on the nose or the body

-Graduation adaptation (in particular to active product

  concentration: ml/kg)

-a fixed quantity to inject

-product’s colour change

-To insert a marking pen into the drencher for commercialisation

-To adapt the packaging (blister/plastic bag)

personalisation pistolet


It is possible to customize our syringes

-Logo impression on the syringe body

-Possibility to create a customized graduation

-To modify the colour

-To adapt the packaging and to insert on the back a personalized text.

If one or several of these solutions interest you, contact us.

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