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Automatic Drencher
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ARDES has conceived a revolutionary automatic drencher, born from the breeder’s observation and our plastic industry’s know-how.

An expertise attuned to your needs


Herds’ size increased over the years. An efficient heard management requires to protect animals from parasites, and to make curative, preventive and nutritional treatments by batch of animal in a reduced time.

The ARDES automatic drencher has been conceived to suit to these requirements.

We propose a 20ml item dedicated to goat and sheep. A 60ml drencher is currently in development for high size ruminants.


ARDES drencher is composed of 2 functions in one: the dose selected administration and the immediate marking after treatment.

These 2 operations are made with the same hand, it offers an incredible time saving and cost reduction (it is not required to have a second technical operator for marking).

The ARDES automatic drencher’s handle was conceived to facilitate the handling: creation of a soft plastic grip; the hand position in the handle allows to activate the drencher by using the strongest part of the hand: fingers!

Comfort sensation is optimum. Moreover, frictions have been kept to a minimum in order to facilitate the filling of the following dose.

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Our advices

To guarantee the material reliability and the health care of the animal, ARDES advices to follow 3 best practices. In order to facilitate these steps, ARDES’ drencher is removable (entirely if necessary).

-Cleaning the drencher with clean water. For this, dip the pipe in the water and activate the drencher several times. This operation avoids o-rings to dry and to stop up the valve block.

-Disinfection after each use thanks to a solution composed of water and disinfectant.

-Lubrication of the piston in order to increase the o-ring lifespan and to avoid leaks.


ARDES drencher has obviously kept one of its ARDES’ products major quality: the reliability.

The dose setting is clear and easy to adjust thanks to its ergonomic adjustment knob. The administration is guaranteed without leaking whatever the liquid injected.

In addition, ARDES created a guard in up-front of the cannula.

More than the evident security for the user and the breed, this guard permits to lock the cannula in the breed’s mouth and also, to ensure an administration of the product without risk of loss (if the animal regurgitates).

Our advantages

The ARDES automatic drencher was designed after an intensive research on users (vets, breeders)

practices and pharmaceutical laboratories partners whom ARDES used to work with.

Emphasis was placed on following elements:

-Users’ comfort and repetition

-The dose and the viscosity adjustment

-The coupled operation of the administration and the marking of breeds after injection

Thanks to these observations, ARDES’ drenchers provide 4 major benefits:


ARDES has chosen plastic material among the most resistant and often appreciated in the aeronautic industry for their robustness and lightness.

Moreover, ARDES drencher is composed of many attachment points that guaranty the solidity of the whole product.

Our drencher is break proof (in case of normal use).

Easy to maintain

ARDES created a vacuuming-injection compact system called valve block: the device that allows to manage the liquid flow. Located on the drencher’s back, composed of one block, its maintaining is facilitated.

User no longer needs to dismantle the valve block if one of apertures gets blocked. It only requires to order the bloc to its usual supplier.

 The valve block is also conceived to fit with the product viscosity. It requires to select the adapted valve block.

In fact, it allows, in one hand, a higher precision with a soft dosage, and in another part to reduce frictions between the o-ring and the body.

Also, ARDES provides silicone bottles, conceived for a precise application on o-rings.

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