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Electronic readers
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Our electronic readers allow a simple and fast reading of electronic ear tags. They contribute to the automation of animal traceability.

ARDES has designed, several years ago, a range of RFID electronic ear tags. But an electronic ear tag without a high-performance reading system is useless!


In collaboration with our partner laboratory in electronic measurements, the RFT Lab®, ARDES has tested reading systems and today offers you the best solution.

The readers proposed in our new range complete the best performances to ARDES ear tags:

-Reading distance


-Robustness and ergonomic.

A direct identification system


Our electronics readers are designed to meet the needs of cattle, sheep, goat, swine breeders, but they are also adapted to the needs of veterinarians and breeders of smaller animals such as pets (dogs, cats, horses…)

We have a range of 4 readers (HALO, RT 250, RT 10M, RT 100V8) of different sizes and suitable for all types of animals with RFID electronics ear tags.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) allows to enhance the animal’s identification number by implanting solutions in the field: herd management software, milking assistance, automatic weighting system, automatic animal sorting, automatic animal counting, automatic feed distribution…

Our advantages


Compliant with ISO 11784/11785 standards, our portable electronic readers offer optimal reading distance and reliable performance.

A reading distance higher than standards in the market


Thanks to the different sizes of our readers, the detection of electronic ear tags is done efficiently and adapted to the animal.

Moreover, the robustness of the products, superior to the competition, avoids any deterioration, and their ergonomic handle makes them easy to handle.



ARDES guarantees, through its range of portable reader, a high reading performance that is characterized by fast navigation. During the identification, and through different processes (USB, WiFi, Bluetooth), the information transmission from one of our readers can be done very easily to computers or smartphones and information processing software.

A wide range for all your needs


To ensure that breeders and veterinarians are offered products with unparalleled performance, ARDES recommends the use of electronic readers from our ARDES range.  Our electronic readers are adapted to all your needs: Robust, ergonomic and safe to use.

This complete range allows breeders and veterinarians to implement a rigorous management of information concerning their animals. Moreover, it can be adapted to all your needs, choose the perfect portable reader for you according to the size of your animals.

Best value for money, to try it is to adopt it!

Portable electronic readers require a proximity with the ear tag in order to read, register and transfer the number.


Perfect for cattle, thanks to its long handle, our reader allows you to stay at about 65 cm from the animal! This Bluetooth RT250 reader can connect to an Android phone via Bluetooth to read and record microchip numbers.

It combines reading, decoding and signal control functions for the ISO11784 compliant FDX-B, FXD-A and HDX microchip types. In addition, it has a storage capacity of 800 codes.

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RT100 V8

Suitable for medium-sized animals, the RT100 V8 reader combines reading, decoding and signal control functions for the ISO 11784 compliant FDX-B and FDX-A microchip types. It has an excellent reading distance, low power consumption and a compact size for easy transport. Rechargeable through its USB port, its storage capacity is 1200 codes transferable to a PC via USB cable or Bluetooth.



Its very small size allows you to carry this player very easily, its reading distance is equal or even superior to that of much larger models. The RT10M reader reads FDX-B microchips that comply with the ISO11784 standard. Moreover, it is easily rechargeable thanks to its integrated USB port. In addition, it has a storage capacity of 128 codes via USB cable to PC.


This reader is economically priced and has a good price-performance ratio. Available in 5 colours, it reads FDX-B and FDX-A type electronic chips conforming to standards 11784 and 11785. Suitable for reading microchips on pets, perfectly suited for dogs and cats. It has an excellent reading distance and a good battery life. It is rechargeable thanks to its USB cable. Moreover, this reader is compact and very easy to handle.

Identification with fix electronic readers is made when the animal is at proximity of the antenna’s reader. Fix readers can be installed in a stunning box, in a corridor, in a parlor, in an automate, on a slaughter line.

Comparative table of performances between portable electronic readers and fix.

Portable electronic reader Fix electronic reader
reading distance *** ****
Internal storage capacity ** ****
Product functionalities **** **
Precision *** **
Auto-tuning ** ****

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