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ARDES is proud to introduce you its new FEEDLOT tag composed of several advantages:


  • Time saving as the application of the tag is done only once.
  • A high retention rate thanks to a long pin in shape of anchor
  • Mix of 2 raw materials


1/ Polyurethane for the tag part for a better durability

2/ A new robust plastic raw material for the 4-point tip

  • A 4-point tip needs less pressure to drill and slice compared with the 3-point tip available on the market. The ear is incised in the best possible conditions to limit risks of infection and fasten healing.

  • ARDES put at your disposal a dedicated Feedlot applicator for a faster application. The rotative pin enables a better laying to avoid the animal ear to get shattered.

     Technical datasheet

  • Several colors available: Yellow, Red, Orange, Clear green, White, Blue and Pink.
  •  Possibility to choose between three different sizes:

XLARGE : 114*76 mm – Marking surface 6.0*7.5 cm

 LARGE  : 82*61 mm – Marking surface: 4,0*6,0 cm

SMALL. : 61*48 mm – Marking surface 3.4*4.7 cm

An attractive packaging is also proposed to present the feedlot tags the best way to your customers.

Without forgetting the foundations of the historical ARDES quality:


  • “Made in France” products
  • Excellent value for money of our products
  • A retention rate always nearest to 100%
  • Animal welfare and health are always at the heart of our concerns

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