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Halo reader for electronic chip
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Available in 5 colours, the HALO reader reads all FDX-B chips (15 Digits), FDX-A (10 Digits) and is in compliance with ISO Norms 11784 and 11785.

The HALO Electronic chip reader is a handling scanner useful and appropriate for the reading of domestic animal identification chips.

This scanner has an excellent reading distance and a high lifetime of the battery.

The HALO micro-chip scanner is equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery rechargeable and can be connected to a computer/laptop with a USB cable.

With a battery fully loaded, the scanner can read from 650 to 700 scans, it is a robust conception reader.

More information

The HALO electronic chip reader reads all numbers of chips from 10 to 15 digits.

Chips with 15 digits (FDX-B) are generally used in the EU for animal identification.

Chips with 10 digits (FDX-A) are used, among others, in the US.

The scanner is compact and easy to handle. It can be used to read chips for dogs, cats or even horses.

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