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ARDES proposes a quality range of accessories dedicated to all reusable syringes as well as all drenchers. Our injection materials are all entirely removable to facilitate their maintenance (for example, the O-ring lubrication or the changing of some pieces). Therefore, the lifespan of ARDES products is extended.

5ml Silicone Oil Bottle

ARDES advises to lubricate the seal from the material injection after several uses

by placing a drop on it. ARDES proposes high quality silicone bottles of 5ml : that is to say 50 drops. In one hand, it allows to reduce the rubbing between the seal and the shaft. In another hand, the lubrication insures a better precision with a soft dosage.


ARDES o’rings are high quality guaranteed in order to ensure reliability during each administration: perfect tightness and high dosage precision. Their development is the result of a close cooperation between a French manufacturer and a laboratory specialized in the tightness. Moreover, these o’rings suit to meet food standards’ requirements in order to respect the health of the animal.

Barrels 150 ml & 60ml

ARDES drenchers’ barrels can be changed. For that, you just have to remove the nozzle and unscrew the barrel. ARDES proposes two types of barrels: a 60ml barrel and another one of 150ml. Both are extremely robust and reliable thanks to their fabrication in premium plastic material and an indelible graduation.


ARDES nozzles, made with stainless brass, show a high chemical and mechanical resistance. Moreover, they were conceived to have an ideal position for the user: nozzle angled round 25° during the treatment. Long of 110 or 130mm, they guarantee an optimum security distance between the user and the animal.

The olive’s geometry, at the end of the nozzle, guarantees animal’s health in avoiding all infection and injure risk.

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