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Injection needle with implantable RFID chip cats & dogs
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The ARDES Injection Needle with RFID chip for Cats & Dogs is an enhanced transponder implanting system for the efficient and cost-optimized electronic tagging of animal species such as pets.

The thin, stainless steel cannula features a facet cut that ensures a fast and easy injection to minimize the animal’s stress.

The Injection Needle is ethylene oxide gas-sterilized and germ-free for a minimum duration of five years after production.

More information

With a 1.4mm diameter and 10mm of length, this injection needle with implantable RFID chip is coming from a new identification generation for small domestic animals.

This chip is certified by a specific ICAR code and do respects International standards ISO 11784/85.


This ardes Injection Needle contains three components in a single blister package: a cannula, a pre-installed Glass Tag in the cannula and six barcoded stickers for registration towards veterinarian.

To implant the electronic tag on pets, ARDES proposes the appropriate Implant Gun to better facilitate the injection while respecting hygienic norms of injection for pets.


  • Precise and quick injection
  • Minimize the animal stress
  • Sterilization of the needle
  • ICAR certification and ISO Norms
  • Ease for treatment recording

You can use the applicator and replace each time the injection needle with the RFID chip meaning that it avoids you to buy a complete system for each identification.

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