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ARDES has been specializing for more than fifty years, in the conception and the fabrication of injection materials for veterinary use and animal identification solutions.

ARDES and injection materials for veterinary use



Injection materials proposed by ARDES are references recognized by breeders and veterinarians from all around the world.

This confidence is the result of know-how and a permanent listening since ARDES’ creation.

In fact, since the first launching of our syringe in 1964, ARDES didn’t stop extending its range by taking in consideration advices and remarks from breeders.

Thus, ARDES was the first company which conceived an ergonomic handle, today largely repeated, in order to reduce effort and to increase the handling capability of syringes; Also, ARDES patented the possibility to regulate the injection dose for a higher precision.

plan ARDES

ARDES and identification solutions for animals


Animal identification solutions proposed by ARDES ensure the traceability of millions of animals in more than eighty countries around the world. This is allowed thanks to the trust that breeders grant for ARDES ear tags performances.

In fact, since the launching of its fist identification ear tags in 1967, ARDES constantly developed its range innovating and integrating the latest technological advances. Thus, were rapidly conceived male ear tags with metal tip which till then was in plastic.

This type of tip improves the penetration and reduces infection risks.

In parallel of the development of new identification solutions, ARDES obtained approvals in many countries including in France. These different agreements highlight ARDES capacities and performances to offer and to improve constantly its products.

Finally, ARDES added an electronic identification range of ear tags attesting a high distance of reading. It was designed thanks to a collaboration with French laboratories, and is ICAR (International Committee for Animal Recording) approved.

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